Fairfax County Deck Refinishing and Pressure Washing

CarltonCleans provides Virginia deck refinishing & power washing services in the following areas Great Falls, Arlington, Veinna, Falls Church and Mclean. We service other areas on a case by case basis so please call (301-906-4446) or fill out our online request form. 

**We do not use a pressure washer (power washer) in deck restoration. We exclusively use scrub brushing and deck cleaners to prepare the wood for a finish.

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We also provide Maryland pressure washing services.

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Deck Refinishing

  • Deck cleaning using environmental safe sodium precarbonate.
  • Deck stripping using epa regulated products such as sodium hydroxide.
  • Wood brightening with oxalic acid or critus based.
    Low Water Pressure Deck Stripping
  • Deck staining and sealing
    Deck staining and sealing 
Deck staining and sealing Deck staining and sealing
Deck staining and sealing Deck staining and sealing
Deck staining and sealing Deck staining and sealing
  • Deck repairs
    Deck Repairs

Deck Cleaning

dirty and clean deck washing and staining

Our pressure cleaning service is a 3-stage process to remove dirt, algae and UV damage (grey wood).

  • Rip It Deck Cleaner or Sodium Precarbonate
  • Low pressure water rinse
  • Wood Brightener

Deck Stripping

We provide old deck finish stripping with the same process as cleaning except with a deck stripper designed for the particular old finish we are removing.

After Cleaning

After Deck Cleaning

We use moisture meters prior to staining to ensure proper penetration.


Carlton Cleans provides staining/sealing with Ready Seal, Armstrong Clark Stain or Cabot.Stain

wood staining     wood staining


    Hardwood deck cleaned

  • Hardwood sanding
  • Ipe sanding
  • Ipe staining
  • Hardwood low pressure cleaning
  • Hardwood staining.

Benefits from Deck Beautification

Slowing the process of deck cracking and structural integrity loss are the two main benefits from a deck beautification process such as deck cleaning and oil stain application. CarltonCleans provides Maryland deck cleaning in the following areas Bethesda, Potomac, Chevy Chase, Rockville, Silver Spring, Gaithersburg and Germantown. We service other areas on a case by case basis so please call or fill out our online request an estimate form. We do not use high water pressure as a main method of cleaning and deck preparation for a Ready Seal, Armstrong Clark or Cabot stain application.

Silver Spring MD deck cleaning
We use cleaning agents to soften the dirt, mold and algae for removal with deck bushes and low water pressure. This minimizes the damage to the soft spring wood fibers (fuzzy wood/frayed wood) but still meets the goal of deck beatification and protection. We only use high quality cleaner and stains and specialize in soaking the wood with stain to maximize the protect level.

For the client to get the most out of a deck cleaning beatification process it is important to allow the deck to soak the maximum amount of 100% oil stain with full penetration into the wood fibers. We do not recommend the use of acrylic or latex stains/paints from retail home improvement stores on any uncovered deck. These types of deck products are surface technology verses oil penetration and with the natural wood expansion and shrinking they tend to crack and peel defeating the purpose of beatifying and protecting your deck.

Call Carlton301-906-4446 for Maryland deck cleaning, deck staining, deck repairs, fence repairs, house washing and new outdoor construction items.

Patio and Driveway

  • Patio cleaning
  • Paver, concrete and flagstone design/installation
  • Patio repairs
  • Driveway cleaning
  • Driveway sealing
  • Driveway concrete repairs

Exterior House Maintenance

  • Siding cleaning
  • Scraping and painting
  • Gutter repair



Customer Testimonial

Good Morning Carlton,
Beautiful!!!!  Folks are commenting on it all the time.  I think about how it looked the day that you first stopped by and how it looks now and I can't believe the difference.   Thanks again for doing such a good job.

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